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Agile in the Real World

agile-in-the-real-world-promo-imageAgile practices often sound great on paper, but quickly lose their luster once you try to apply them in the real world. This course will show you how to take the best of Agile methodologies and apply them to your own team in a way that actually makes sense. Rather than focus on the theory of how agile works in a vacuum, the techniques taught in this course are based on the most common places where agile breaks down in reality and the concrete strategies to fix them.

Creating Effective User Stories

Creating Effective User StoriesAre you struggling to create user stories that are truly useful to your team and customer? Learn the strategies for creating great User Stories, as well as tips for avoiding the common pitfalls many teams fall into.

You’ll learn how to write great User Stories, epics, and themes, how to create both roles and personas, patterns and techniques for splitting stories, and how to write great acceptance criteria

Groovy Fundamentals

Groovy FundamentalsAn introduction to the Groovy programming language as well as the best features of the Groovy platform.

You’ll learn basic and advanced features of the Groovy language, how to work with XML, JSON, databases, and REST services, as well as how Groovy interacts with Java.


Agile Release Planning

Agile Release PlanningLet’s face it: Things don’t always go as we expect them to when adopting agile processes. With new roles and new ways of looking at things, sometimes it can be difficult for teams and organizations to adjust.

Agile Release Planning features six video chapters with 16 individual lessons – each taking a detailed look at the most common challenges and opportunities in release planning.